February 2019
L’obligation des associés au paiement des dettes d’une société civile

En application de l’article 1857 du Code civil, les associés d’une société civile répondent indéfiniment des dettes de la société proportionnellement à leur part dans le capital...

January 2019
Faut-il payer les heures supplémentaires réalisées malgré l’opposition de l’employeur ?

La réalisation d’heures supplémentaires relève, en principe, de l’initiative de l’employeur. 

March 2018
Declaration of beneficial owners

A new French Law, to be conformed with European law, instituted a new obligation for commercial companies, civil companies and associations...

March 2018
The register of effective beneficial owners

To be conform with European law, a new French law has set up the obligation for French companies to declare its beneficial owners to the Register of commerce in France...

September 2017
Loi Sapin 2 : La procédure du lanceur d’alerte

La loi Sapin II du 9 décembre 2016 a introduit des dispositions renforçant la protection des lanceurs d’alerte...

December 2016
The end of employment contract under french law

A registered letter sent shall be sent by any of the party willing to end the contract. The party ending the contract shall respect a notice period. The duration varies according to the author of the end of the contract. If it is the company that ends the contract,

December 2016
Setting up a business or a company in France

An individual or a company can set up a business in France through several different legal forms...

December 2016
Buying a business or a company in France

A business can be run without creating a company or through a company. A business run out of a company is usually called a “fonds de commerce”....

December 2016
Recovering and collecting money from a French debtor in France

A business can be run without creating a company or through a company. A business run out of a company is usually called a “fonds de commerce”...

December 2016
Corporate Taxation in France

Companies in France are taxed either at income tax (impôt sur le revenu) or at corporate tax (impôt sur les sociétés) depending of the legal structure of the company. SA (société anonyme), SAS (société par actions simplifiée) and SARL (société à responsabilité limitée) is primarily subject to corporate tax, but may under certain circumstances, opt to pay income tax instead...

December 2016
Employing people in France

The recruitment of an employee in France generally involves going through the Job Centre Service (Pôle Emploi), a public body which collects job offers and advises companies on recruitment, recruitment consultants or the APEC (The Executives Recruitment Association) which handles executive recruitment (cadres), i.e. people with managerial responsibilities....

December 2016
The principal clauses of the French employment contract

The probationary period is a transition period, allowing the employer to assess the working skills of the employee regarding his previous experiences. The employer also assess whether the employee is suitable for the company. The probationary period is optional and for this period to be valid, it is mandatory that the employer includes this clause in the employment contract...